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Each assignment requires an approach to suit both the client and nature of the work involved. However, prior to starting each assignment we prepare and agree a set of Terms of Reference or Brief that is reviewed as the assignment progresses.

In addition to this we encourage regular reviews to assess progress and any changes in direction or scope that may be required or are necessary. This provides you, the client, with overall control of the assignment.

Our typical approach to an IT systems selection

Our approach allows you to both review any potential new software against the way you work, or seek to work, and also ascertain how well you can relate to the software supplier and its team. Remember, the best long term solutions are those with a good client / software supplier relationship.

A brief overview of how we have successfully assisted companies to select an IT system to suit their requirements is as follows:

  • Review and document the key business processes identifying any issues that are important to each process and any that must be improved. This is done using flow charts with supporting notes against key activities.

  • Prepare a brief paper describing the selection procedure, the key processes and a checklist to assess each supplier’s capabilities.

  • Agree this paper with you the client. We refer to this paper as a Request for Information (“RFI”)

  • Review your requirements against known software solutions on our database and knowledge.

  • Offer the RFI to a selected list of software suppliers, requesting a written response and budget costs.

  • Review these replies and select up to three suppliers for closer scrutiny.

  • Invite these suppliers to give a demonstration of their software against the RFI processes. This normally takes about two days per supplier and is presented to your selection team.

  • Decide on the preferred supplier and negotiate contract.
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